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Theme – ‘Untold Stories’: Self-starting stories that are generated from either your own experiences or from made-up fiction. Feel free to speak about your lived experiences with the military, or share a fun event from when you were a child. It is entirely up to you, you have total freedom and control to share whatever story you’ve been itching to get out. Optional Prompt: What does it mean for you to be a veteran? Or, what does it mean to be the family member of a veteran? What does it mean for you, what does it mean to others? Is there a story that has been washed away or has been living in the dark that you would like to bring to the surface? Bring up the past, present, or future. Bring up the things you love, hate, fear, admire. This piece of art is entirely yours. If you’d like to stray in an entirely new direction, feel free! As long as you are staying true to yourself.

Theater Group

Introductory Weekend (June 1st & 2nd)

Weekend 1 creates an open and vibrant space for participants to unwind, connect, and embark on a journey of learning. We review the workshop curriculum and essential paperwork, ensuring understanding of the theme 'Untold Stories'. Engaging games foster familiarity, while exploring comedy and improvisation equips participants with public speaking and ensemble skills, promoting laughter and growth. Additionally, participants will craft their own masks, enhancing physicality and creativity throughout the workshops.

Attendance is not compulsory, yet we strongly urge everyone to join as many sessions as feasible to foster teamwork and foster ensemble creation. In an open, safe, and inclusive atmosphere, we'll bond and explore our individual stories through humor. No prior performance, comedy, or clowning experience is needed, nor is there any pressure to be anything other than yourself. Come, enjoy, and embrace curiosity.

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